A downloadable module

Made for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam

A MOSAIC Strict compatible travel and rest module for TTRPGs.


wAndS.pdf 217 kB


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This is really nice, with the tiers of outcomes and all. Sometimes, less is more, and there's enough here to go for something solid, but not too much that it will stifle collective worldbuilding.


Thank you! I prefer prompts to help encourage collaboration and imagination.

What does ‘terrain’ look like during rest?


Noxious fumes near a volcano, sharp gravel underfoot, or perhaps carnivorous plants that prevent the players from staying still for very long. Just a few ideas!

this is a really nice & compact travel/rest companion module! the addition of the SOCIAL aspect is something i don't often see for travel/rest options & is very interesting.

Thanks! I like using this module for keeping transitions interesting when playing RPGs with my wife, it’s been helpful for sure!